Drag ‘N Drop revamps BBC Micro programs for the RPi

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The PDF magazine Drag ‘N Drop has put together this a collection of 55 BBC Micro and Electron programming books. These are not scans in PDF format, but high-quality digitally remastered and debugged editions – and you can run a lot of the Basic programs on the Raspberry Pi.

The CD ROM contains all books in Risc Os Impression/Easiwriter format (complete with fonts, Drawfiles etc), two types of PDF (fonts mapped to the standard Postscript set and Type 1), plus HTML (all platforms) and disc images for use on emulators (all platforms).

Issue 4i3 is out now,  including a seasonal puzzle game Eastor, and articles on using 256 colout modes and the start of a beginners series on using the Wordprocessor/spreadsheet prgram, Fireworkz,


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