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Drag ‘N Drop is a quarterly magazine in PDF, mainly for users of RISC OS on the Raspberry Pi but content will be of interest to all RISC OS 5 users.

Volume 5 issue 3 is jam packed as usual:

  • News, Beginner’s Tips, Application Updates
  • Inside Drag ‘N Drop – how your magazine is published!
  • GPIO for beginners – how to control a 7 segment LED display. 
  • SPI – using the Serial Peripheral Interface on the Raspberry Pi. 
  • Wallace Goes Walking -arcade game: full sprites and listing. 
  • Writing you own App – we continue writing our calculator application. 
  • Anatomy of a Drawfile -generating circular patterns and curved boxes with ease. 
  • Scrolling starfield -simple program, amazing display. 
  • RISC OS fonts – learn how outline fonts work and use them in your own programs. 
  • Doing more with text -Start of a great tutorial series on using Risc Lua to manipulate text. 
  • Bitcoin – what is it and how is it relevant to RISC OS users? 
  • User Voices II – your Raspberry Pi has been silent for so long, now liven it up with sound effects. 
  • Mountain Panic review. 

Articles are written in an informal style designed to encourage new or returning users and programmers.

Each issue of Drag N Drop costs £3.00 on a pay-as-you go basis when purchased through the Drag N Drop website at http://www.dragdrop.co.uk. You can “try before you buy”: free samples are available for download. You can also purchase it from !Store at a higher price of £4.00 but including the “type in” listings in a ready-to-run format.

If using Netsurf and Paypal to purchase Drag ‘N Drop please remember to disable javascript[1] . We also recommend viewing Drag ‘N Drop in Ghostscript[2] rather than !PDF.

[1] Click menu on Netsurf’s Iconbar icon > Choices > Content > Disable JavaScript [2] Ghostscript for RISC OS can be downloaded free from http://www.mw-software.com/software/ghostscript/ghostscript.html

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