Deploying KA Lite on a Raspberry Pi

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The KA Lite Wiki gives instructions for using a Raspberry Pi as a KA Lite server:

“KA Lite is designed to function reasonably well on low power devices (such as a Raspberry Pi), meaning we want to avoid doing anything computationally intensive. Also, for the cross-device syncing operations, connection bandwidth and speed are often expensive and slow, so we should always try to minimize the amount of data needing to be transferred.

“One common deployment case involves using the Raspberry Pi single-board computer as a local KA Lite server. The Raspberry Pi currently cannot be used as a client device due to difficulty playing videos, though we are working to devise a solution for this.

“In order to set up a Raspberry Pi as a local server, follow the instructions for setting up a Linux Installation, with the only major difference being that step 1b is critical for speed reasons.

“The required components for this kind of deployment are:

  • Raspberry Pi (a plastic case is also recommended)
  • power supply
  • If using as an access point, a Wi-Fi dongle, otherwise some other networking device such as LAN or a router

“These are the basic requirements for deploying KA Lite on a Raspberry Pi. Other components and setups are possible, including a Raspberry Pi with a USB Power Loop.”

KA Lite is an offline version of Khan Academy, a not-for-profit organisation with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere, that runs on almost anything.

  • Bringing the online education revolution to rural communities.
  • Synchronize and manage your organization’s deployments centrally.
  • Quick installation, minimal system requirements, and simple to use.
  • Students can earn points, teacher can view coach reports.
  • Choose which videos to download, and languages for subtitles.



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