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David Braben, who created the open-world game with Elite in 1984 (with 22KB of memory to play with) and more recently served as a trustee of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, was interviewed on www.stuff.tv. Here’s what he said about the Raspberry Pi:

“I think it’s a challenge. The way we came at Raspberry Pi, was actually to create the ability for people to self-learn – and that wasn’t restricted to children. I don’t think we’ve got all the materials ready yet, but we’re on a path, and they’re getting better by the day. It’s a difficult hill to climb, but hopefully we can catch those people.

“One of the advantages with children is, because there’s organised education and because the kids have a lot more time to learn, they’re actually a good target, for want of a better term. So it’s really about providing a means for people to educate themselves, and anyone who cares enough about it hopefully would come along and participate.

“Part of the impetus behind Raspberry Pi was the way in which modern computers are virtually closed down. And the problem is, they’re virtually closed down for sensible reasons – the reason companies close their machines down is so that they’re easier to use, so that there are fewer viruses. They’re more useable as a commodity, but ironically it’s created a space for things like Raspberry Pi, that let it all hang out, if you see what I mean.”

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