Connect your HD camcorder to your Raspberry Pi

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Kickstarter seems to be the go-to place for news about Raspberry Pi developments.

This project is to add an HDMI input interface to a Raspberry Pi and record or stream high quality video from an HD camcorder with clean HDMI output

With the camera board, the Raspberry Pi supports video capture and processing applications. However, there is a limitation. Video can only be captured from the integrated camera. This HDMI In Video Capture Module expands on this idea, as it allows the connection of almost any HDMI video source to the Raspberry Pi computer. This opens up a new world of applications.

Easily capture video from the following devices

  • HD camcorders
  • desktop or notebook PC
  • game consoles such as Playstation or XBOX
  • many DVD players (with HDMI out)

The Video Capture Module is available in 3 versions: basic, loop through and deluxe. The deluxe version connects to the Raspbery Pi with 3 connectors:

  • 26 pin GPIO connector
  • 8 pin digital audio connector (must be soldered into your Raspberry Pi board (the 8 pin header is included)
  • 15 pin FPC cable into the CSI camera connector next to the Ethernet port


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