1. Using a Raspberry Pi to give your car more features

        raspberry pi video

    How about an in-car Raspberry Pi -powered computer? Easy peasy. Andrei Istodorescu, on Engineering-DIY shows you how. Get the project info here.    

  2. Raspberry Pi on BBC Daily Politics

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    As reported yesterday, here is the Coding Kids clip from BBC2’s The Daily Politics: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-24382016 “Raspberry Pi’s director of educational development Clive Beale and Emma Mulqueeny, who set up an organisation which finds […]

  3. Exploring Raspberry Pi – new Slideshare

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    by Lentin Joseph, Robotics and Machine Vision Engineer at ASIMOV Robotics Pvt Ltd in Kurumassery, India. A comprehensive, 53-slide presentation about the RPi hardware and Raspbian software. Lots of good stuff here. Exploring Raspberry Pi […]

  4. Google and Raspberry Pi join forces to create Coder

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    In what is easily the biggest story in the Pisphere at the moment, Google has announced that it has joined forces with the Raspberry Pi to create Coder. Coder is a free, open source […]

  5. Raspberry Pi – How to control motors… from The RaspberryPi Guy

        hints & tips raspberry pi video

    The RaspberryPi Guy provides tutorials for everything from flashing an OS on to an SD card, to controlling motors with the GPIO… In this tutorial I show you how to control a motor with […]

  6. Making a Raspberry Pi – the full manufacturing process

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    See the whole Raspberry Pi manufacturing process from beginning to end, from loading the circuit boards to final visual inspection… This video provides a privileged look inside the manufacturing facilities at Sony Tech […]

  7. RISC OS Open on Vimeo

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    Did you know that ROOL had a channel on Vimeo? No? Neither did we – until now, that is. If you haven’t come across Vimeo before, it’s like YouTube on steroids: great video […]

  8. Raspberry Pi supercomputer

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    Computational Engineers at the University of Southampton have built a supercomputer from 64 Raspberry Pi computers and Lego. The team, led by Professor Simon Cox, consisted of Richard Boardman, Andy Everett, Steven Johnston, […]