1. A Smart Startup Screen for Your Pi?

        raspberry pi video

    YouTube channel Raspberry Pi IV Beginners has posted a beginners video that contains instructions for a video splash screen on startup. Neat. There are a lot of videos on this channel, all of them […]

  2. No More Woof: Raspberry Pi to translate dog thoughts to human speech

        raspberry pi video

    From The Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery comes perhaps the best ever Raspberry Pi application. What can I say? I look forward to the day when my dog can speak to me […]

  3. Pi-Rex – Bark Activated Door Opening System with Raspberry Pi

        raspberry pi video

    Continuing our pre-Christmas whimsy, a bark-activated door opener, courtesy of David Hunt (and dog, Lexi): “She barks at night when she’s left out. She barks early in the morning when she’s left in. […]

  4. PiTouch: HDMI Multitouch Monitor for RPi & BB Black

        raspberry pi video

    Sublime Technologies of Mountain View, California, have launched a project in Indiegogo, hoping to raise $100k to develop a multitouch monitor for RPi and BeagleBone Black. “PiTouch: HDMI Multitouch Monitor for Raspberry Pi […]

  5. Raspberry Pi dog treat machine

        hints & tips raspberry pi Uncategorized video

    Because it’s Sunday and Judd the dog looks a lot like my lovely (deceased) Weimaraner, Freia.

  6. BeagleBone Black VS Raspberry Pi!

        raspberry pi video

    In another video from the RaspberryPi Guy we will have a look at the BeagleBone Black and see how it fares against the mighty reign of the Raspberry Pi! In the video he […]

  7. Raspberry Pi: a Lego brick for the internet of things

        raspberry pi video

    Eben Upton was at GigaOM Mobilize 2013 in San Francisco, where he spoke about the internet of things and how the Raspberry Pi fits into that model: What is Raspberry Pi? What is it […]

  8. Jack the Ripper Bot: Pi Powered DVD Ripper

        raspberry pi video

    Another view into the weird world of Raspberry Pi hackers. Care of British Ideas site, this Heath Robinson affair from Andy demonstrates how to put the Great back in Britian. Look and be […]

  9. BBC to get the country coding (again)

        education & learning raspberry pi risc os video

    The BBC has played a hugely important role inspiring a generation of digital and technology leaders in the past, but now it’s time to reignite that creativity. Ralph Rivera, Director, BBC Future Media […]

  10. Microchip and element14 Announce Raspberry Pi chipKIT

        raspberry pi video

    Microchip has announced the expansion of its Arduino compatible chipKIT platform ecosystem with the new Raspberry Pi tool that it co-developed with partner element14 — the chipKIT Pi Expansion Board. chipKIT Pi (Designed […]