1. Update to JDServer print utility

        risc os

    Version 0.08 of JDServer is a recommended upgrade solving a couple of glitches, inclMore at uding a bug preventing use of JDServer on machines whose IP address was assigned via DHCP. JDServer is […]

  2. R-Comp at Risc Os eXperience 2013

        risc os

    Leading Risc Os hardware and software company R-Comp will be travelling to Amsterdam for the Risc Os eXperience 2013 show. R-Comp will be demonstrating its ARMini and ARMiniX systems, as well as its […]

  3. Midlands Midsummer Mugshow, 13th July 2013

        raspberry pi risc os

    Midlands Midsummer Mugshow, 13th July 2013 11:00am – 4:00pm Exhibitors: RISC OS Open RComp CJE Micro’s Orpheus Internet Archive Magazine Soft Rock Software Steve Fryatt N1 Communications Usable Range Serious Statistical Software Tools with […]

  4. RISC OS eXperience show near Amsterdam, 25th May 2013

        risc os

    Another reminder that he 2013 edition of the RISC OS eXperience show will be held on Saturday 25 May from 10:00 to 16:00 at the same venue as in previous years: Wijkgebouw de Vuister […]

  5. Archimedes Public Domain Library

        risc os

    You’re all probably familiar with risc os software supplier APDL, but did you know that they have the entire Archimedes Public Domain Library available for download as either CD or individual .zip files? The […]

  6. Didn’t get to the Wakefield Show? – Read about it here.

        risc os Wakefield 2013

    If you didn’t get to the Wakefield Show on 2oth April, here is a detailed report on the Show courtesy of Vince Hudd at Riscository. “the show itself seemed to have attracted more […]

  7. GAG-News

        risc os

    GAG-News has been published every two months since April 1992 and is the oldest and the only regularly published German magazine for the RISC OS computer. Regularly featured are upcoming events and other date […]

  8. what a Charm-ing site

        raspberry pi risc os

    Mandelbrot image generated using a program written in Charm on the Pi that uses the ARM 11 in-built VFP co-processor for speed. The Charm website is dedicated to promoting interest in the Charm […]

  9. Version 2.45 of Sitematch now available

        risc os

    A new release version of web maintenance tool SiteMatch, version 2.45, is now available. The main change is a new “client” option, FS, which can stand for “File System” or “File Sharing”. It […]

  10. Drag ‘N Drop revamps BBC Micro programs for the RPi

        risc os

    The PDF magazine Drag ‘N Drop has put together this a collection of 55 BBC Micro and Electron programming books. These are not scans in PDF format, but high-quality digitally remastered and debugged […]