1. Web browsing: Using Netsurf for tax returns

        hints & tips risc os

    In response to a newsgroup query about using a Risc Os browser to complete an online tax return, Chris Newman responded: “I did my last return on the PC as Netsurf didn’t have […]

  2. Printing: Restoring lost network links for Uniprint

        hints & tips risc os

    Given that printer companies don’t write drivers directly for Risc Os (MW Software’s Gutenprint for Risc Os ports them from Linux), R-Comp’s Uniprint is often the best choice from printing from your Risc […]

  3. Web browsing: Netsurf 3 and Facebook

        hints & tips risc os

    A recent query on the newsgroups asked about accessing Facebook on Risc Os. Two replies could help anyone trying to do this with the latest version of the NetSurf browser. Theo Markettos replied: […]

  4. Guide to Risc Os on Raspberry Pi

        raspberry pi risc os

    Chris Hall was first off the blocks with a short guide on how to get started with Risc Os on Raspberry Pi back in September 201, which had grown to 15 pages by October. It […]

  5. Version 1.65 of Basalt released

        risc os

    Basalt is BASIC Alternative keywords, a module that adds many extra features to all versions of BBC BASIC. This latest version is to implement structures, but there are a number of other features and improvements, […]

  6. Help edit a new Risc Os Welcome Guide

        risc os

    CJE Micro’s is coordinating the updating of the Iyonix Welcome Guide so that it can be available for all new RISC OS users of the Raspberry Pi and BeagleBoard– and Pandaboard-based systems.. The company is […]

  7. CJE’s at London Risc Os User Group – 17 June

        risc os

    Chris Evans of CJE Micro’s will be presenting details of their new RISC OS computer bundles, the PandaRO, RaspberryRO and all things Raspberry Pi, at the Rougol meeting on Monday 17 June. CJE’s […]

  8. Free RISC OS show in Portsmouth in September?

        risc os

    Steve Revill writes in Risc Os Open, “We’re still planning for a potential free RISC OS show down in Portsmouth. Thanks to everyone who has responded up to now. It’s now looking pretty clear that […]

  9. New version of !ConvText available

        risc os

    Paul Sprangers has added a script editor to ConvText 3.10, which means users no longer have to scroll cluttered scriptfiles. ConvText is a utility that performs a list of search and replace jobs in one […]

  10. PackMan upgrades to v0.7.1

        risc os

    PackMan is a package manager front end for packages distributed using the RISC OS Packaging Project (see http://www.riscpkg.org). New to version 0.7.1 (still in beta) are: A list of the packages with a […]