1. 2,000,000th Raspberry Pi sold

        raspberry pi

    Now that’s a nice round number. “It took us almost exactly a year to sell the first million Raspberry Pis. Going on that basis, we calculated that we might, if we were lucky, […]

  2. Charm version 2.6.6 released

        raspberry pi risc os

    Charm version 2.6.6 the set of high level language tools and demos for RISC-OS computers and emulators is now freely available under the terms of the GNU GPLv3 license. Via the Charm web-site you can: Learn what Charm is and […]

  3. Maplin’s Raspberry Pi starter kit

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    David Watts won a Maplin’s Raspberry Pi kit in a competition. This youtube video shows what’s in the box. For all you peeps out there thinking about it…   Related articles BeagleBone Black […]

  4. Transmitting data with Raspberry Pi and RTL-SDR

        raspberry pi

    New from Ben Benchoff on hackaday.com, about turning the Raspberry Pi into a radio transmitter, using RTL-SDR, the $30 USB TV tuner-cum- software defined radio. This radio transmitter is combined with minimodem, a program that generates […]

  5. A Raspberry Pi Powered, Twitter Connected Mechanical Calculator

        raspberry pi

    Electronics and Communications Engineering Students from the University of Bristol have completed TwitALU, an internet-connected, mechanical Arithmetic Logic Unit (and calculator) based around the BBC Micro’s infamous 6502 processor. “A cool feature of the […]

  6. Petbot: the Raspberry Pi pet companion

        raspberry pi

    A project by Misko Dzamba from Mississauga, Canada, on Kickstarter is catching the attention of the press and media. “PetBot evolved out of the common worry that owners have over the welfare of their pet while […]

  7. ownCloud on Raspberry Pi

        raspberry pi

    Systems Engineer Aditya Patawari has developed ownCloud-RaspberryPi v0.1, an implementation of ownCloud for the Raspberry Pi. He has a ready to install image for Raspberry Pi based on Raspbian Wheezy (Release 2013-07-26). See more at: […]

  8. Is Raspberry Pi REALLY the saviour of British computing?

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    In this opinion piece by Kris Adcock in The Register, Kris argues that the RPi isn’t the great hope for becoming “The True Saviour of British Computing”: It’s this sentiment that bothers me: “The Pi […]

  9. HDMIPi Affordable 9″ High-Def screen for the Raspberry Pi

        raspberry pi

    A project to develop an affordable 9″ High-Def screen for the Raspberry Pi  for just £65 by Alex Eames from RasPi.TV in Oxford, has been fully funded on Kickstarter in just over three days. At the time […]

  10. Engadget Expand to feature Raspberry Pi Make:Off, NYC 9th November

        raspberry pi

    Engadget’s Expand Exhibition, on 9th Novermber 2013 at Javits Center’s North Hall, New York, has added an RPi feature: “We’re gonna have a Raspberry Pi Make:Off hosted by Matt Richardson of Make Magazine! Here’s the deal: two teams […]