1. What is a Raspberry PI?

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    From the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a neat little video explaining the rationale for the Raspberry Pi, made by Saladhouse animation studio in Manchester, with sound design by Marcus Alexander and voiced by Amy Mather.

  2. Homemade Acoustic Server Rack

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    Another ingenious project on Slideshare, this one from Frank Bergmann. Brilliant for all you (and me) Heath Robinson devotees, this is a home-made server cabinet. A must-have accessory for the modern home. [slideshare […]

  3. Arduberry Combines Raspberry Pi And Arduino

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    The Arduberry is the simplest way to bring the physical world to your Raspberry Pi.  Arduberry, from Dexter Industries in Arlington, VA, is a simple and inexpensive way to bring Arduino shields to the Raspberry Pi.  The […]

  4. David Braben on Raspberry Pi

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    David Braben, who created the open-world game with Elite in 1984 (with 22KB of memory to play with) and more recently served as a trustee of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, was interviewed on […]

  5. risc/pi wins best website or online resource in RISC OS Awards

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    The nominations in this category were: risc/pi from North One Communications RISC OS News Network PiLearn from Martin Hansen Acorn News Service mailing list Archive-online mailing list And the joint winners, with 27% of the vote each, are risc/pi from […]

  6. Project OP2: VOIP on Raspberry Pi

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    Brought to you by Saúl Ibarra Corretgé and Tijmen de Mes, here’s the perfect project for the Star Wars generation: a VOIP phone in a Millenium Falcon case. What else? Project OP2 currently implements the following […]

  7. Lego Raspberry Pi cases

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    There are many posts out there giving details of enclosures for the Raspberry Pi. Some are beautifully machined works of art, others very definitely DIY. And there are a number of lego-based ones. […]

  8. The Definitive Raspberry Pi Pinout

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    Alberto, a programmer from Romano d’Ezzelino near Padua, on his site PighiXXX, has an absolutely brilliant pdf of the raspberry pi pinouts. Download it here. It’s clearly taken a lot of time to […]

  9. Raspberry Pi embedded Nagios

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    Nagios is a powerful monitoring system that enables organizations to identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems before they affect critical business processes. This slide presentation by Dave Williams from the Nagios Conference demonstrates […]

  10. Drag ‘N Drop Volume 5 Issue 2 out now

        raspberry pi risc os

    Drag ‘N Drop is a quarterly magazine in PDF, mainly for users of RISC OS on the Raspberry Pi but content will be of interest to all RISC OS 5 users.  Volume 5 […]