1. How to shrink a basestation into a Raspberry Pi

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    From PA Consulting Group, a competition that challenged entrants to use a Raspberry Pi to make the world a better place –  http://www.paconsulting.com/raspberry… “Here our experts use one to create a basestation for […]

  2. Internet of Farming: Arduino-based, backyard aquaponics

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    Rik Kretzinger grew up on a Christmas tree farm and spent his college years studying horticulture, but he found it too difficult to make a living as a small farmer so he spent […]

  3. Raspberry Pi vs Chromecast

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    The Raspberry Pi as a Media Centre vs the Chromecast, a single use streaming device. Wondering which one to buy? Watch this detailed comparison to find out. By skiwithpete. To see my other Raspberry […]

  4. Raspberry Pi Javafx Carputer

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    A presentation by Simon Ritter, Java Evangelist at Oracle on Oct 04, 2013. Simon presented this session at JavaOne 2013 on building an in-car informatics system using a Raspberry Pi, Java and JavaFX. [slideshare id=26856662&doc=con3243-raspi-131004043915-phpapp01]   Related articles Video: Riding […]

  5. MakerCon, May 13th – 14th 2014, Redwood City, CA

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    MakerCon will offer makers of all stripes–from hobbyists to pros, organizations, municipal resources like libraries, educators, and communities–a chance to find out about new tools and technologies, available resources and services, and topical […]

  6. Run .NET on Raspberry Pi

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    Quick overview of how you run .Net code on a Raspberry Pi by Paul Fryer, Software Architect at Fiserv [slideshare id=31453340&doc=dotnetonraspberrypi-140220151729-phpapp02] Does exactly what it says on the tin.     Related articles How to instal Raspbian […]

  7. Run Quake III, win $10,000

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    The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced a competition to find the first person who can run Quake III on a Raspberry Pi at a playable framerate. All this follows the announcement from Broadcom of the […]

  8. Wimpbasic.org website back online

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    John Peachey recently posted: “After rather too long I have finally got around to putting the contents of the old Wimpbasic.org website back on line. The new site contains all of the applications that […]

  9. How to instal Raspbian on Raspberry Pi

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    CNET’s Dan Graziano shows you the easiest way to get an operating system up and running on your Raspberry Pi. This video shows how to setup and install the Raspbian operating sytstem on […]

  10. Maker Movement

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    A really nice slideshare presentation from Jingfeng Liu about the Maker Movement. Maker Movement from Jingfeng Liu ” the Maker Movement, a push to re-imagine the objects we own rather than throw them away.” […]