1. Speech Recognition with the Raspberry Pi

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    https://sites.google.com/site/observing/Home/speech-recognition-with-the-raspberry-pi It does exactly what it says on the can!   Related articles 15 DIY Gadgets You Can Make with Raspberry Pi Turn your Raspberry Pi into a full featured XBMC Media Center […]

  2. Raspberry Pi gets an Industrial Perennial Environment

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    IPE – Industrial Perennial Environment from NutCom Services is a special blackout-proof flavour of Raspbian– a Debian-based Linux Distribution for the Raspberry PI. It is of course free (considered GPL). Its aim is to provide a solid OS for […]

  3. PiAddict issue 2 now available

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    PiAddict Magazine Vol.1 No.2 April 2013 Published by Robert Wheeler using HP MagCloud technology. 32 pages, published 4/26/2013 The PRODUCTIVITY Issue! Moving from a Mac to a Pi, Setup a Printer with CUPS. Programming – Create […]

  4. Deploying KA Lite on a Raspberry Pi

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    The KA Lite Wiki gives instructions for using a Raspberry Pi as a KA Lite server: “KA Lite is designed to function reasonably well on low power devices (such as a Raspberry Pi), […]

  5. Raspberry Pi midi i-o from Science DIY

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    It’s not quite ‘Don’t Panic’ in reassuringly large letters, but with the plea of ‘Please be Safe’ Science DIY offers a cornucopia of science projects.

  6. what a Charm-ing site

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    Mandelbrot image generated using a program written in Charm on the Pi that uses the ARM 11 in-built VFP co-processor for speed. The Charm website is dedicated to promoting interest in the Charm […]

  7. raspberry pi group on element 14 engineer’s community

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    Launched in June 2009, element14 (commonly known as e14) is an online community specifically for engineers – from electronic design all the way through maintenance and repair. The community is a place where engineers and […]

  8. New RISC OS news web site

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    That’s us, by the way! Icon Bar says that  “Another new site has appeared to fill the void left by Drobe. ‘risc/pi’ is aiming to keep users abreast of all the developments in the […]

  9. raspberry pi case in lego

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    Just what you always wanted: a case for your Raspberry Pi made out of Lego. The build instructions are available as PDF documents (below) as are the original bricksmith files in case you […]

  10. Raspberry Pi on Facebook

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    Those of you drawn to the ‘with it’ modern data processing programme that is Facebook can indulge yourself with more Pi than you can digest in one sitting. The sites include: Official Raspberry […]