1. v1.5 of FastDosBox For Raspberry Pi/Raspbian now available

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    NoRisc-NoFun has made version 1.5 of FastDosBox For Raspberry Pi / Raspbian available from the Pi Store. FastDosBox is an enhanced fork of DOSBox, an open source x86 PC emulator. Based on the […]

  2. What’s the best operating system for Raspberry Pi?

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    Techradar has done a roundup and review of five RPi operating systems (by David Hayward syndicated from Linux Format Issue 169 May 9th).  The software they compared was Raspbian, Risc OS, Plan 9, Android and Arch. We won’t spoil your eager anticipation […]

  3. Ten lesson ideas with the Rapsberry Pi

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    For all educators out there: a slideshow with ideas for class lessons. …or maybe you have better ideas? There’s a comment form just for you! 10 Lesson Ideas with the Raspberry Pi from […]

  4. Raspberry Pi group on google+

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    With 41448 members, the Raspberry Pi community on Google+ is one of the larger groups out there. It has categories for: Discussion Projects Troubleshooting Software Programming Hardware Tutorials/Guides The top story on the homepage today […]

  5. RPi time lapse dolly for DSLR’s

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    So you’ve bought your RPi Camera and got the photography bug. Here’s an affordable solution from RasPiLapse for building a homemade time lapse dolly for DSLR cameras, using a Raspberry Pi as the […]

  6. Midlands Midsummer Mugshow, 13th July 2013

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    Midlands Midsummer Mugshow, 13th July 2013 11:00am – 4:00pm Exhibitors: RISC OS Open RComp CJE Micro’s Orpheus Internet Archive Magazine Soft Rock Software Steve Fryatt N1 Communications Usable Range Serious Statistical Software Tools with […]

  7. Raspberry Pi Camera Board Photography Competiton

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    The Camera Board is a custom designed add-on for the Raspberry Pi which allows users to take still and video images. To launch the camera, element14 is calling all budding photographers to enter its Raspberry […]

  8. How to get Raspberry Pi debian image working

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      Here’s a technical piece about getting Debian working on the RPi from David Singleton, who is an Engineering Director at Google: https://sites.google.com/a/davidsingleton.org/www2/home/stuff-i-had-to-do-to-get-raspberry-pi-debian-image-working David is active on google+ (where you can find more […]

  9. Pi-Phones are Go! – Running a Mobile Network on a Raspberry Pi

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    Part of Quortus’ philosophy is to take mobile core network functionality and distil it in to an application that can be run on commodity hardware, instead of the expensive heavy iron infrastructure currently […]

  10. PiAddict issue 3 now available

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    PiAddict Magazine Vol.1 No.3 Published by Robert Wheeler using HP MagCloud technology. 32 pages, published 7th May 2013 This issue is ‘The Programming Issue’ A Quick Guide to Scratch on the Pi, Python Programming Books Buyers […]