1. Wakefield Show Update

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    The club will be holding its 19th annual show at: The Cedar Court Hotel Denby Dale Road, Calder Grove Wakefield West Yorkshire WF4 3QZ (Adjacent to j39 of the M1) There will be […]

  2. Clear out your unused BBC, Acorn and RISC OS hardware and software at Wakefield!

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    If you’re coming to the Wakefield show next weekend, we will be bringing a van and would very gratefully receive anything you don’t need. We expect, over time, to be able to find good homes […]

  3. MotherBone PiOne adds Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone

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    The MotherBone™PiOne™ came into existence when design engineers at APlus Mobile were evaluating BeagleBone Black and Raspberry Pi as a solution for low cost control systems.  Immediately, they discovered that the modules, as […]

  4. Eben Upton talks about the Raspberry Pi Compute Module board

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    Raspberry Pi founder, Eben Upton, talks with Dominic Pajak, ARM about some of his favorite Pi projects and the newly announced Raspberry Pi Compute Module board.     Related articles 10 Questions for […]

  5. Raspberry Pi Compute Module

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    The compute module contains the guts of a Raspberry Pi (the BCM2835 processor and 512Mbyte of RAM) as well as a 4Gbyte eMMC Flash device (which is the equivalent of the SD card […]

  6. OctoPrint plus Raspberry Pi makes 3D Printing easy

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    OctoPrint is a host software similar to Printrun, Cura, Repetier Host or MakerWare. The host software controls the 3D printer by sending it the commands necessary to do its job. Using a Raspberry […]

  7. Using an MMA7455 Accelorometer with the Raspberry Pi

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    In his first Raspberry Pi video, Zachary Igielman demonstrates how to use an MMA7455 Accelorometer with the Raspberry Pi. You will need all of the usual Raspberry Pi accessories (Pi, sd card with raspbian, keyboard, screen, […]

  8. Sheffield Pi-Tronics

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    We introduced Pi-GATE in a recent post. Here’s more about the group at Sheffield University and their funky website. Pi.GATE.ac.uk is two things wrapped up together: a blog about the Raspberry Pi and related subjects a […]

  9. Connect your HD camcorder to your Raspberry Pi

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    Kickstarter seems to be the go-to place for news about Raspberry Pi developments. This project is to add an HDMI input interface to a Raspberry Pi and record or stream high quality video […]

  10. New ROUGOL Meetings

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    After a quiet couple of months, the RISC OS User Group Of London has some exciting meetings coming up, so here are some details for your diary. All meetings are free and take place on […]