1. Guide to Risc Os on Raspberry Pi

        raspberry pi risc os

    Chris Hall was first off the blocks with a short guide on how to get started with Risc Os on Raspberry Pi back in September 201, which had grown to 15 pages by October. It […]

  2. Raspberry Pi ISR

        raspberry pi

    Jay Hamlin writes, “This project started with my friend Larry announcing that he was building an A/D convertor which would produce 1.4 million, 16 bit samples per second and was there any way I […]

  3. Raspberry Pi as an AVR Programmer

        raspberry pi

    Kevin Cuzner writes on his blog, “Recently, I got my hands on a Raspberry Pi and one of the first things I wanted to do with it was to turn it into my complete […]

  4. PiAddict issue 4 now available

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    PiAddict Magazine Vol.1 No.4 June 2013 Published by Robert Wheeler using HP MagCloud technology. 32 pages, published 6/10/2013 The GAMES Issue! Minecraft Pi Edition – An Introduction, All the free games on The Pi Store […]

  5. Climb over the Great Firewall of China with a Raspberry Pi

        raspberry pi

    A number of sites have picked up on a thread posted on reddit from a blogger called JaiPasInternet: “I study in China, so I have to fight against censorship everyday. I set my Raspberry […]

  6. Raspberry Pi gets Wired

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    As if there wasn’t enough stuff out there about the Raspberry Pi, now confirmation that it’s officially cool with its own cover on Wired magazine, where it sits happily among the £200,000 watches […]

  7. Raspberry Pi bird box from BBC’s Springwatch

        raspberry pi

    On the BBC Springwatch website Dr Andrew Robinson of Manchester University writes “If you’re anything like me, you’ve wondered what happens in your garden while you’re not watching. I wanted to know when […]

  8. Raspberry Pi introduces NOOBS

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    As our friends over at raspberrypi.org say (and we couldn’t have put it better): “We started this project with the premise that throwing people in at the deep end and making them jump […]

  9. Raspberry Pi remote control

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    An application to create a remote control to watch movies from your Raspberry Pi from Jose Ramon Perez. It connects to the Raspberry using SSH and uses omxplayer to reproduce the movies. So […]

  10. Belges’ Beautiful Pi Case Design at Big Ben Club’s Birthday Bash

        raspberry pi

    We have run a few stories about the special event on May 25th 2013 that Dutch RISC OS organisation BIG BEN Club is holding to celebrate their 30th birthday. To celebrate this together […]