1. Get the New and Improved Raspbian Distro for Raspberry Pi

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      raspberrypi.org has a new Raspbian release, which integrates a number of recent improvements. Along with kernel and firmware updates, highlights include:   Sonic Pi is preinstalled so you can jump right in to […]

  2. Raspberry Pi’s Clive Beale on BBC 2 Daily Politics

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    BBC 2’s The Daily Politics ran a piece today called Coding kids, where Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Clive Beale demonstrated the RPi using Scratch. The programme will be on BBC iPlayer soon and we […]

  3. News from Kinograph

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    Kinograph website updated The Kinograph website has been updated with a new photo of the machine, some cleaner text, and a few project updates (covered below). On the site, there is an explanation […]

  4. Exploring Raspberry Pi – new Slideshare

        raspberry pi video

    by Lentin Joseph, Robotics and Machine Vision Engineer at ASIMOV Robotics Pvt Ltd in Kurumassery, India. A comprehensive, 53-slide presentation about the RPi hardware and Raspbian software. Lots of good stuff here. Exploring Raspberry Pi […]

  5. Raspberry Pi workstation from FUZE

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    fuze.co.uk bring you The FUZE – “a New Programmable Computer and Electronic Workstation aimed at Education and budding Programmers everywhere”. Tested on Trusted Reviews, The FUZE Case for Raspberry Pi® provides a tidy, safe and […]

  6. Back up your RPi software with CloneDisc

        raspberry pi risc os

    It’s a temptation with SD card computing to just use the card on which the operating software comes as the main platform and storage media. The safer way is to copy the Risc […]

  7. 32Gb SD card for Pi power users

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    CJE Micros has new larger size SD card on sale at the Portsmouth RO Show. The 32Gb card comes with licensed Risc Os in PandaBorad or Raspberry Pi versions and costs £39 CJE, […]

  8. New portable powerpack at Portsmouth

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    New levels of portability have been achieved at the Portsmouth RO show. This handy pocket battery is supplying power to a Raspberry Pi using Power Suppi which converts the 12v DC power from […]

  9. Steady business at Portsmouth RO Show

        raspberry pi risc os

    There have been a steady flow of visitors to the Portsmouth Risc Os Show, being held now at the Innovation Warehouse. Show organiser, Risc Os Open Ltd (Rool), has a full roster of […]

  10. Raspberry Pi now ships with Java

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    This is an important announcement, so we carry it verbatim: “One of our longstanding goals has been for Raspberry Pi to ship with a complete set of common programming languages. Until now, there’s […]