1. Raspberry Pi vs Chromecast

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    The Raspberry Pi as a Media Centre vs the Chromecast, a single use streaming device. Wondering which one to buy? Watch this detailed comparison to find out. By skiwithpete. To see my other Raspberry […]

  2. Run .NET on Raspberry Pi

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    Quick overview of how you run .Net code on a Raspberry Pi by Paul Fryer, Software Architect at Fiserv [slideshare id=31453340&doc=dotnetonraspberrypi-140220151729-phpapp02] Does exactly what it says on the tin.     Related articles How to instal Raspbian […]

  3. How to instal Raspbian on Raspberry Pi

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    CNET’s Dan Graziano shows you the easiest way to get an operating system up and running on your Raspberry Pi. This video shows how to setup and install the Raspbian operating sytstem on […]

  4. Getting Docker up and running on a RaspberryPi

        hints & tips

    From Ken Cochrane, an article about running Docker on a Raspberry Pi.  Docker is a tool that allows you to better manage your Linux Containers (LXC). My goals for the project is to: provide a […]

  5. How to intstal an o/s on Raspberry Pi

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    Here’s another basic how to video – this time from CNET – where Dan Graziano takes you through the setup of a new Raspberry Pi system, from unboxing to selecting and loading an […]

  6. Running DrWimpC on the Raspberry Pi

        hints & tips raspberry pi risc os

    !DrWimpC and its associated programs and libraries have been tested on the Raspberry Pi. In this tutorial you will learn: how to run !DrWimpC on a Raspberry Pi, including advice on creating a […]

  7. Raspberry Pi Battery Backup

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    A neat little article on Repairhub, giving detailed instructions (and important warnings) for creating a battery backup for your Raspberry Pi. The finished circuit does the following: Trickle charge the battery while on […]

  8. Raspberry Pi dog treat machine

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    Because it’s Sunday and Judd the dog looks a lot like my lovely (deceased) Weimaraner, Freia.

  9. How To Take Screenshots On The Raspberry Pi

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    Matt Hawkins, on his blog Raspberry Pi Spy, has a tutorial on how to take screenshots on the RPi using Scrot, by Tom Gilbert, which is a command line screen capturing utility. “While putting […]

  10. Raspberry Pi – How to control motors… from The RaspberryPi Guy

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    The RaspberryPi Guy provides tutorials for everything from flashing an OS on to an SD card, to controlling motors with the GPIO… In this tutorial I show you how to control a motor with […]