1. MakerCon, May 13th – 14th 2014, Redwood City, CA

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    MakerCon will offer makers of all stripes–from hobbyists to pros, organizations, municipal resources like libraries, educators, and communities–a chance to find out about new tools and technologies, available resources and services, and topical […]

  2. Maker Movement

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    A really nice slideshare presentation from Jingfeng Liu about the Maker Movement. Maker Movement from Jingfeng Liu ” the Maker Movement, a push to re-imagine the objects we own rather than throw them away.” […]

  3. Low-cost Video Conferencing for the Developing World

        education & learning raspberry pi

    A presentation by Zubair Nabi looking at ways to deliver low-cost videoconferencing in the developing world, using the Raspberry Pi. [slideshare id=29963756&doc=exploring-raspberry-pi-serial-port-140113102457-phpapp02] This solution would use existing analog cable TV networks to provide video […]

  4. Digimakers, 22nd March, Bristol

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    The first Digimakers workshop for March 22nd is now available. It is Rails Girls – during this free workshop you will learn to use Ruby on Rails to build an application from scratch. As a […]

  5. Code Club end of year report 2013

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    Now here’s a real success story, and something all of you risc/pi readers should know about, support and shout about. This is the future unfolding… “Code Club is a nationwide network of volunteer-led […]

  6. Kano Raspberry Pi toolkit gets almost $600k on Kickstarter

        education & learning raspberry pi

    “A computer and coding kit for all ages, all over the world. Simple as Lego, powered by Pi. Make games, learn code, create the future.” With an original ask of $100k, this project […]

  7. BBC to get the country coding (again)

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    The BBC has played a hugely important role inspiring a generation of digital and technology leaders in the past, but now it’s time to reignite that creativity. Ralph Rivera, Director, BBC Future Media […]

  8. Sonic-Pi

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    It seems the Raspberry Pisphere is, broadly speaking, divided into two hemispheres: the gadget, hobbyist, hackersphere; and the educational, programming and software construction-sphere. The rationale for the RPi is to get kids coding, […]