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And now for something completely different… in partnership with Steve Royd Marker and the Belgian RISC OS community, R-Comp is showing the sexy new brushed-metal “PiCano” case for the Raspberry Pi (see our article “Belges’ Beautiful Pi Case Design at Big Ben Club’s Birthday Bash ” for pictures). This carefully constructed/designed solution has been created entirely on RISC OS, right down to its instruction sheet (an ArtWorks production).  Demonstrating that RISC OS can be used for modern engineering projects, PiCano makes an excellent home for any Pi.

R-Comp also have its PiPlus Support Scheme  available, featuring a high speed 16Gb SD to boot a Raspberry Pi, which also includes a range of software, and regular downloadableresources in line with our other Schemes (Beagleboard and PandaLand).

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