Belges’ Beautiful Pi Case Design at Big Ben Club’s Birthday Bash

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We have run a few stories about the special event on May 25th 2013 that Dutch RISC OS organisation BIG BEN Club is holding to celebrate their 30th birthday. To celebrate this together with their members they have come up with an unique birthday gift. All members receive a free Raspberry Pi with RISC OS.

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Coincidentally with this, the Belgian RISC OS community has asked a well-known industrial designer to design a special RPI-case. The plan was to have a multi-functional case that could be used both on the desktop and mounted on the 10cm vesa-mount of your LCD-screen.

You can also mount several cases together to create a cluster, a “multi pi”. The designer has even more plans for it. The case is called Picano (a pun at meccano, the familiar brit-invenvented construction toys). The final prototypes have been shown to the and, because of our longstanding friendship with the Dutch Big Ben Club, the full commercial release is planned on that special birthday, May 25th.


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