Scratch, Squeak and Smalltalk: ROUGOL meeting, 19th May

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Scratch, Squeak and Smalltalk – Tim Rowledge and Bernard Boase

DATE: Monday 19th May 2014 (ROUGOL meets on the third monday of each month)
TIME: 7:45pm (although lots of ROUGOL members are usually there – eating curry – from about 6pm!)
VENUE: Upstairs in the Spice Lounge restaurant at the Blue Eyed Maid public house, 173 Borough High St, SE1 1HR.

This month we will be looking at the Scratch beginners programming language and the Squeak/Smalltalk environment on which it is based. Bernard Boase will be our guide for the evening. He has been using Scratch at Code Clubs to get children interested in programming, and will give us (slightly older!) children a demo of its capabilities.

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We are very pleased that long time Squeak developer Tim Rowledge will be joining us via video call from his home in Canada. He has been an advocate of ARM based systems since the 80s and did the original port of Smalltalk to Arthur in 1987 and then RISC OS while it was in beta testing. Since then it has been all Smalltalk (of various forms) on ARM (of various forms) up to the present Squeak on Raspberry Pi.

Tim has recently been working on optimising Squeak for the Raspberry Pi, on Linux and RISC OS, and is happy to answer questions about its history and recent developments. Click here for full details Future Meetings 16 Jun: Archimedes Software Preservation Project, Jon Abbott 21 Jul: Riscy Robots, Neil Fazakerley 18 Aug: TBC

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