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  1. New RISC OS news web site

        raspberry pi risc os

    That’s us, by the way! Icon Bar says that  “Another new site has appeared to fill the void left by Drobe. ‘risc/pi’ is aiming to keep users abreast of all the developments in the […]

  2. raspberry pi case in lego

        raspberry pi

    Just what you always wanted: a case for your Raspberry Pi made out of Lego. The build instructions are available as PDF documents (below) as are the original bricksmith files in case you […]

  3. Could Maggie have stopped Microsoft?

        risc os

    reposted from Computerworld UK, 17th April 2013 By 1986 in Cambridge the ARM chip development methodology was emerging from the Acorn computers for schools via its super-fast RISC OS. By 1990 IT was […]

  4. Organizer website back online

        organizer for risc os Wakefield 2013

    The glitch on the Organizer 2 website is now sorted and the site is back online. Show prices available today (20 April) at the Wakefield RISC Os Show or online. New  user £25; […]

  5. Organizer 2.20 On A Stick at Wakefield

        organizer for risc os Wakefield 2013

    Version 2.20 of Organizer will also be available on memory stick  at the 2013 Wakefield Show, loaded on to the RPCEmu emulator for operation on Windows PCs. Show prices will be full price, […]

  6. Organizer 2.20 launches at Wakefield with a network solution

        organizer for risc os Wakefield 2013

    A new version of Organizer 2, the personal information manager for all RISC OS systems, is being launched at Wakefield 2013. Among a number of improvements is a new feature which will allow […]

  7. No-wheel three-button optical mouse

        risc os

    Some RISC OS users find having to press the scroll wheel down to get Menu less than ideal, says Risc Os supplier CJE Micros. And after searching for an optical three-button mouse without […]

  8. Wakefield 2013 RISC OS Computer Show 20 April

        risc os Wakefield 2013

    One of the big events in the Risc Os calendar takes place on Saturday 20 April. The Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club will be holding its 18th annual show at: The Cedar Court Hotel […]

  9. RISC OS 6 acquired by 3QD Developments

        risc os

    In a significant change for the Risc Os platform, the rights to all versions of the operating systems developed and marketed by RISCOS Ltd have been purchased by 3QD Developments Ltd. 3QD produces […]

  10. Raspberry Pi on Facebook

        raspberry pi

    Those of you drawn to the ‘with it’ modern data processing programme that is Facebook can indulge yourself with more Pi than you can digest in one sitting. The sites include: Official Raspberry […]