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  1. CustomChr for RISC OS revived

        risc os

    John Williams writes, “For many years I have used Jonathan Rawle’s excellent CustomChr application (Custom Characters) for entering foreign language characters. I got it off a Risc User disc, and was disappointed it was […]

  2. The Definitive Raspberry Pi Pinout

        raspberry pi

    Alberto, a programmer from Romano d’Ezzelino near Padua, on his site PighiXXX, has an absolutely brilliant pdf of the raspberry pi pinouts. Download it here. It’s clearly taken a lot of time to […]

  3. Raspberry Pi embedded Nagios

        projects raspberry pi

    Nagios is a powerful monitoring system that enables organizations to identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems before they affect critical business processes. This slide presentation by Dave Williams from the Nagios Conference demonstrates […]

  4. New version of rex for RISC OS out now

        risc os

    Nick Roberts has a new version of rex (Recursive *EX) available from under the Miscellaneous group. RISC OS doesn’t provide a native mechanism for performing a recursive directory listing (i.e. listing the files in a directory, […]

  5. Raspberry Pi NAS File Server

        projects raspberry pi video

    From skiwithpete, a great project for those starting out with their RaspberryPi or those who want some inspiration for a Pi that might be lying around. See below for links mentioned in the […]

  6. Road Routing with GraphHopper and Java on Raspberry Pi

        projects raspberry pi

    Peter Karich, a problem solver and former physicist from Germany, has a posting on his blog giving instructions on how to create routing algorithms on a Raspberry Pi using GraphHopper. As Peter explains, GraphHopper […]

  7. DrWimpC version 1.20 released

        raspberry pi risc os

    The update to DrWimpC contains several bug fixes, and new and updated features, and more StrongHelp documentation. DrWimpC is a C development tool for RISC OS computers (including Raspberry PI) with RISC OS 4 […]

  8. Raspberry Pi SMART tv

        projects raspberry pi

    Tony Hoang has a piece on (“If you build it, they will come”), showing how to use a Raspberry Pii to hack (literally) a LED TV into a SMART TV. “I wanted […]

  9. Wakefield RISC OS AGM tomorrow 8/1/14

        risc os

    WAKEFIELD RISCOS COMPUTER CLUB MEETING on Wednesday 8th January 2014 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING & more This will be the Annual General Meeting, and as it is the one meeting a year that is restricted to […]

  10. A Smart Startup Screen for Your Pi?

        raspberry pi video

    YouTube channel Raspberry Pi IV Beginners has posted a beginners video that contains instructions for a video splash screen on startup. Neat. There are a lot of videos on this channel, all of them […]