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You’re all probably familiar with risc os software supplier APDL, but did you know that they have the entire Archimedes Public Domain Library available for download as either CD or individual .zip files?

The APDL library still exists and contains a huge collection of programs and other material, much of which was not (and is still not) available from other sources. A lot of this can be found on the APDL PD-1, PD-2 and DTP CDs. But for those who don’t want a complete CD or who have older RISC OS computers without CD ROM drives or who are running emulators which can’t access a CD drive they have decided to make the entire library available for everyone. Nearly two and a half thousand discs for you to download.

Each ‘disc’ is supplied as a zip file which contains the contents of the original library disc. Most of this material was compressed using ArcFS, and this is retained, so the zip files will usually contain mainly ArcFS archives. Most discs originally included a copy of the read-only version of !ArcFS but this has been removed to reduce download size. ArcFS archives can be opened using!SparkFS or you can download a copy of the read-only !ArcFS.



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