APDL to distribute Risc Os 6 after website revamp

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David Holden’s APDL will taking over the distribution of Risc Os 4 and 6 products from riscos.com following the current revamp of the
website. He told a newsgroup discussion that the eventual aim was to make most of the resources previously only accessible to Select or Foundation subscribers available to everyone.

3QD Developments took over riscos.com when it acquired the rights to all versions of RISC OS developed and marketed by RISCOS Ltd back in March. 3QD’s Aaron Timbrell has being redesigning the riscos.com site to make it easier to use.

But according to Holden: “This had proven much more difficult than originally thought and is taking a lot longer. I understand that there was around 200GB of material, much of it obsolete and/or unlinked and this all had to be sifted through. However the main parts of the site are now being tested.”

He said that softloaded versions of 4.39 and 6.20 will be available soon, as well as ROM copies of 4.02 and 4.39. Pricing has yet to be
finalised Newer Risc Os hardware such as the ARMini and Raspberry Pi use the Risc Os 5 version of the operating system.

But many users of older machines, as well as user of 3QD’s commercial Risc Os emulator Virtual Acorn, and the free emulator RPCEmu, use versions of Risc Os 4 and Risc Os 6.

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