Aemulor gives boost to Risc os on Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi users can now access many more programmes from the Risc Os back catalogue with the release of a version of the emulator Aemulor, which allows programs written for 26-bit versions of the operating system to under Risc Os 5, the version on Raspberry Pi.

Most key Risc Os programs have been converted to work on either version of the operating system, but some, because of their size and complexity, such as the desk top publishing software Impression, still only exist in 26-bit versions.

Other programs such as the pioneering music authoring software, Sibelius, are now developed only on other platforms, though the Risc Os version remains fully functioning and highly capable, (if you own it or can find a second hand version).

There are also many freeware programs, such as the spreadsheet, SSS, and a wealth of educational software developed when Acorn was the leading computer for schools.

Aemulor Pi is available directly from online software store for £17.99 or from dealers such as CJE Micros

A free, fully featured, time-limited demo version is also available from the Spellings site to enable users to try older software under Aemulor before deciding to purchase.

A free version of Aemulor is also available to users of the ARMini, and BeagleBoard and Pandaboard systems. Find these versions here.


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