32Gb SD card for Pi power users

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CJE Micros has new larger size SD card on sale at the Portsmouth RO Show. The 32Gb card comes with licensed Risc Os in PandaBorad or Raspberry Pi versions and costs £39

CJE, one of the main Risc Os suppliers, is selling a wide range of hardware, software and peripherals at show prices.

Also available are PandaInABox and PiInABox, versions of the PandaBoard and Raspberry Pi computers in a box with an integrated small screen – 7in in the case of the Panda version and a 4.3in Pi version.

Prices start at £36 for the PiInABox and £59.50 for the PandaInABox.

CJE has a full range of supplies for the Raspberry Pi from power supplies to SD cards to boxed desktop computer versions.

The show continues until 5pm. The Innovation Warehouse is at Hampshire Terrace in the centre of the city.


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