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Archive: Mar 2014

  1. Getting Docker up and running on a RaspberryPi

        hints & tips

    From Ken Cochrane, an article about running Docker on a Raspberry Pi.  Docker is a tool that allows you to better manage your Linux Containers (LXC). My goals for the project is to: provide a […]

  2. 40-Node Raspberry Pi Cluster

        projects raspberry pi

    From Dave Guill, this is an introduction to his custom-designed computer cluster based on the Raspberry Pi. In the practical sense, this is a supercomputer which has been scaled down to the point where […]

  3. Kinograph source files released

        raspberry pi

    Matthew Epler, Founder of Kinograph writes: “Kinograph’s source files have been released as of today. You can find links to the hardware and software on the homepage ( “For those of you waiting for […]