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  1. code-club-stats

    Code Club end of year report 2013

        education & learning raspberry pi

    Now here’s a real success story, and something all of you risc/pi readers should know about, support and shout about. This is the future unfolding… “Code Club is a nationwide network of volunteer-led […]

  2. PackMan version 0.8 beta is now available

        risc os

    Following on from yesterday’s article is news of a new version of PackMan. New configuration window to allow multiple packages to be installed/removed/upgraded at once. Understands new Package format that allows the location to install […]

  3. PackIt version 0.5 now released

        risc os

    PackIt is a tool to help create RISC OS Packaging Project packages. This release adds support for the new components field added to version 0.4.0 of the package format. It is designed to create the […]

  4. Pi-Rex – Bark Activated Door Opening System with Raspberry Pi

        raspberry pi video

    Continuing our pre-Christmas whimsy, a bark-activated door opener, courtesy of David Hunt (and dog, Lexi): “She barks at night when she’s left out. She barks early in the morning when she’s left in. […]

  5. PiRingo: Festive Fun for Raspberry Pi GPIO

        raspberry pi

    Is RPi taking over Kickstarter? This project – already funded and closed in November – promises a fun way to learn GPIO programming in Python or Scratch with Christmas themed designs. The PiRingo is […]

  6. Kano Raspberry Pi toolkit breaks through $1m on Kickstarter

        raspberry pi

    As reported here last month, the Kano Raspberry Pi kit has blasted through the $1m mark on Kickstarter, and with 6 days still to go has reached $1,264,506. “1 MILLION!! THANK YOU!!! We’re humbled, […]

  7. 2000 Pi kits in giveaway

        raspberry pi

    The Raspberry Pi Foundation and Google have announced that they are giving away 2000 RPi kits this Christmas. “In support of “Hour of Code”  as part of Computer Science Education week, we got […]

  8. roalogo

    Nominations for Best Website or Online Resource – RISC OS Awards

        risc os

    The nominations for Best Website or Online Resource in the RISC OS Awards are (drumroll): risc/pi from North One Communications The risc/pi site, run by the people responsible for Organizer, presents news from both […]

  9. roalogo

    Nominations for Best Show or Event – RISC OS Awards

        risc os

    The nominations for Best Show or Event in the RISC OS Awards are: London Show 2012, organised by ROUGOL. Although downloading a RISC OS disc image for the Raspberry Pi was already possible, […]

  10. roalogo

    Nominations for Best Publication or Offline Resource – RISC OS Awards

        risc os

    The nominations for Best Publication or Offline Resource in the RISC OS Awards are:

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