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Archive: Oct 2013

  1. Happy Millionth Pi

        raspberry pi

    If you are in the UK and/or watch/listen to the BBC, you could hardly move today without hearing and seeing stuff about the Raspberry Pi. And here’s the reason: the one millionth RPi […]

  2. Raspberry Pi Industrial Interface

        raspberry pi

    Micheal J Quinn, writing on, gives details of a project he is working on to create an industrial interface for the Raspberry Pi. He has taken the “shield” notion from the Arduino and applied […]

  3. Using a Raspberry Pi to give your car more features

        raspberry pi video

    How about an in-car Raspberry Pi -powered computer? Easy peasy. Andrei Istodorescu, on Engineering-DIY shows you how. Get the project info here.    

  4. Raspberry Pi Python Adventures

        raspberry pi

    Blogger Francois Dion, from Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States, has a site dedicated to the use of Python on the Rapberry Pi, and it’s a really good and useful resource, containing some great […]

  5. Raspberry Pi on BBC Daily Politics

        raspberry pi video

    As reported yesterday, here is the Coding Kids clip from BBC2’s The Daily Politics: “Raspberry Pi’s director of educational development Clive Beale and Emma Mulqueeny, who set up an organisation which finds […]

  6. Get the New and Improved Raspbian Distro for Raspberry Pi

        raspberry pi has a new Raspbian release, which integrates a number of recent improvements. Along with kernel and firmware updates, highlights include:   Sonic Pi is preinstalled so you can jump right in to […]

  7. Raspberry Pi’s Clive Beale on BBC 2 Daily Politics

        raspberry pi

    BBC 2’s The Daily Politics ran a piece today called Coding kids, where Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Clive Beale demonstrated the RPi using Scratch. The programme will be on BBC iPlayer soon and we […]

  8. News from Kinograph

        raspberry pi

    Kinograph website updated The Kinograph website has been updated with a new photo of the machine, some cleaner text, and a few project updates (covered below). On the site, there is an explanation […]

  9. Exploring Raspberry Pi – new Slideshare

        raspberry pi video

    by Lentin Joseph, Robotics and Machine Vision Engineer at ASIMOV Robotics Pvt Ltd in Kurumassery, India. A comprehensive, 53-slide presentation about the RPi hardware and Raspbian software. Lots of good stuff here. Exploring Raspberry Pi […]