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  1. Who’s who at the RISC OS London Show 2013

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    The exhibitors list for the RISC OS London show on October 26th at the  St Giles Hotel in Feltham, near Heathrow is growing all the time. Confirmed so far: 3rd Event Technologies – AMCS Music Creation […]

  2. Jack the Ripper Bot: Pi Powered DVD Ripper

        raspberry pi video

    Another view into the weird world of Raspberry Pi hackers. Care of British Ideas site, this Heath Robinson affair from Andy demonstrates how to put the Great back in Britian. Look and be […]

  3. BBC to get the country coding (again)

        education & learning raspberry pi risc os video

    The BBC has played a hugely important role inspiring a generation of digital and technology leaders in the past, but now it’s time to reignite that creativity. Ralph Rivera, Director, BBC Future Media […]

  4. ROUGOL (RISC OS User Group Of London) next meeting 21st October – ERRATUM!

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    It’s been pointed out to the dunces at Pi Towers (well, me, actually), that the Blue Eyed Maid is closed for the time being (there must be a joke in there somewhere). The venue for […]

  5. RONWUG – RISC OS North West User Group – 16th October 2013

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    A late reminder that the next RONWUG meeting is tomorrow, Wednesday 16th October. Meetings are open to all interested in RISC OS computers and there are no membership or entrance fees. Meetings are held […]

  6. Drag ‘N Drop vol 5 issue 1 out now

        risc os

    Volume 5 issue 1 is available now from the Drag ‘N Drop website. Articles include: News, RISC OS 5.2, Beginner’s Tips, the London Show, Application Updates Desktop Heroes – Form Filler Web Log […]

  7. How To Take Screenshots On The Raspberry Pi

        hints & tips raspberry pi

    Matt Hawkins, on his blog Raspberry Pi Spy, has a tutorial on how to take screenshots on the RPi using Scrot, by Tom Gilbert, which is a command line screen capturing utility. “While putting […]

  8. Sonic-Pi

        education & learning raspberry pi

    It seems the Raspberry Pisphere is, broadly speaking, divided into two hemispheres: the gadget, hobbyist, hackersphere; and the educational, programming and software construction-sphere. The rationale for the RPi is to get kids coding, […]

  9. Pi Powered SpyPiBot

        raspberry pi

    From Poland with Love: the SpyPiBot. For all you gadget freaks out there, a toy-tank-cum-camera. SPiBot is a little robot moving on tracks with rotatable camera, microphone and distance sensors, and controlled via […]

  10. Microchip and element14 Announce Raspberry Pi chipKIT

        raspberry pi video

    Microchip has announced the expansion of its Arduino compatible chipKIT platform ecosystem with the new Raspberry Pi tool that it co-developed with partner element14 — the chipKIT Pi Expansion Board. chipKIT Pi (Designed […]