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  1. University trades textbook for Raspberry Pi

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    Luis Ibáñez, writing in, tells the story of how the Raspberry Pi has replaced the textbook at the State University of New York at Albany in the class, Information in the 21st Century. Ethan Sprissler is the […]

  2. Midlands User Group Next Meeting – MUG’s Xmas List

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    Mug’s next meeting is on Saturday 16th November 2013 Club meetings are at 2pm on the 3rd Saturday of odd months at: The Methodist Church Hall, Greenhill, Blackwell, Bromsgrove B60 1BL 2 miles […]

  3. A Raspberry Pi 32-way cluster

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    Boise University PhD candidate Joshua Kiepert has built a 32-way Beowulf cluster from Raspberry Pi’s. Kiepert says his research focuses on “developing a novel data sharing system for wireless sensor networks to facilitate […]

  4. Minnowboard – Intel’s Raspberry Pi Competitor

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    The Raspberry Pi, Arduino Due, and BeagleBone all use  ARM processors. Now they have some competition from Intel with its “MinnowBoard,” a $199 computer in the form of a 4.2″ x 4.2″ board with […]

  5. Raspberry Pi dog treat machine

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    Because it’s Sunday and Judd the dog looks a lot like my lovely (deceased) Weimaraner, Freia.

  6. Organizer 2 at the London RISC OS Show

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    Organizer 2, the personal information manager for all RISC OS systems, will be attending the London Risc Os Show on SATURDAY 26 OCTOBER at the St Giles Hotel, Feltham, with its latest version […]

  7. BeagleBone and Raspberry Pi FPGA add-ons from ValentFX

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    ValentFX is developing two open source FPGA boards that stack with BeagleBone and Raspberry Pi SBCs, and is also working on BBot, a BeagleBone-based drink serving robot built with an earlier FPGA board […]

  8. BeagleBone Black VS Raspberry Pi!

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    In another video from the RaspberryPi Guy we will have a look at the BeagleBone Black and see how it fares against the mighty reign of the Raspberry Pi! In the video he […]

  9. Sam Aaron

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    In our daily noodlings around the risc/pisphere we often come across – well – really interesting people, up to goodness knows what projects. We thought it would be fun to show off some […]

  10. Raspberry Pi: a Lego brick for the internet of things

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    Eben Upton was at GigaOM Mobilize 2013 in San Francisco, where he spoke about the internet of things and how the Raspberry Pi fits into that model: What is Raspberry Pi? What is it […]