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Archive: Jul 2013

  1. Charm Programming on the Raspberry Pi

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    Peter Nowosad (see our article What a Charm-ing Site) has published a new e-book, Charm Programming on the Raspberry Pi. Peter writes, “The book was written to help children and adults wishing to learn […]

  2. The MagPi issue 14 now out

        raspberry pi

    The MagPi issue 14: Juy 2013 In this month’s edition: Raspberry Pi Camera Board Beginner’s tutorial using Python on the Pi to control the Maplin robot arm The first part of a new […]

  3. PiAddict issue 5 now available

        raspberry pi

    PiAddict Magazine Vol.1 No.5 July 2013 Published by Robert Wheeler using HP MagCloud technology. 32 pages, published 6/10/2013 This issue’s SPECIAL FEATURE is about the New Out Of Box Software (NOOBS) SD Card Creator – […]

  4. Raspberry Pi as Google Calendar-assisted alarm clock

        raspberry pi has developed a neat way of using Google Calendar with a Raspberry Pi to create a very Heath Robinson alarm clock. Why set your smartphone when you can do this? In Devon’s […]