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  1. Risc Os on Raspberry Pi – YouTube video

        raspberry pi risc os

    Enthusiast Robert Hampton explains how to use Risc Os on the Raspberry Pi.

  2. Fish Pi: A trans-oceanic boat controlled by the Raspberry Pi.

        raspberry pi

    The Concept. Use the Raspberry Pi bare bones computer to guide & control an autonomous solar powered surface vehicle. The Proof-Of-Concept. To demonstrate that the RPi can support the multiple systems needed to maintain long-term […]

  3. risc/pi breaks through 10,000 hits

        Midlands RO Show raspberry pi risc os

    Today risc/pi achieved 10,000 hits. Not such a big deal if you’re the bbc website, or, but a significant milestone for us. In the 12 weeks since our launch we have worked […]

  4. Using a Raspberry Pi to cook a raspberry pie

        raspberry pi

    Well it had to happen. And now it has: Nothing more to say, really… Related articles Fire Powered Raspberry Pi @Raspberry_Pi #piday #raspberrypi GeekRoo puts a Pi inside a Fairy Wren The […]

  5. Live – WebChange Pro slated for autumn

        Midlands RO Show risc os

    Vince Hudd of Softrock Software says the latest version of his WebChange website maintenance program will be ready for the autumn Risc Os shows – the new show in Portsmouth in September and […]

  6. Live – New from CJE Micros

        Midlands RO Show raspberry pi risc os

    CJE Micros have brought several new products to the Midlands Show today (13 July). It is offering a high-capacity 32GB SD card, with licensed Risc Os 5 for use on the Raspberry Pi […]

  7. Live – MUG show prices from ROOL

        Midlands RO Show nut pi raspberry pi risc os

    Risc Os Limited have a full slate of products at the Midlands Risc Os Show today (July 13). CMOS module for Beagle/Panda Board ….. £6 USB Native Risc Os for BeagleBoard …. £12 […]

  8. Belgian style for RPi case

        Midlands RO Show raspberry pi

    And now for something completely different… in partnership with Steve Royd Marker and the Belgian RISC OS community, R-Comp is showing the sexy new brushed-metal “PiCano” case for the Raspberry Pi (see our […]

  9. R-Comp launches ARM-in-1 at MUG

        Midlands RO Show risc os

    R-Comp Interactive is launching a new computer at the Midlands Show this weekend. The new “All in One” RISC OS computer,  known as the ARMin1 (or ARM-in-1). Thecomputer integrates a top quality (IPS for best […]

  10. RISC OS 5.20 at the Midlands Show

        Midlands RO Show nut pi risc os

    RISC OS Open has announced the release of Risc Os 5.20 at the Midlands RISC OS Show on Saturday 13 July. ROOL’s announcement says: At the show this year we will unveil the […]