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  1. From a small Acorn to 37 billion chips: ARM’s ascent to tech superpower

        risc os

    As part of their Brit Week, TechRadar Pro have a fascinating feature on the history of ARM from inception with the BBC Micro to the present day, including the Raspberry Pi. Its centrepiece […]

  2. Getting started with Raspberry Pi – new slideshare

        hints & tips raspberry pi

    Tom Paulus has posted a lovely, detailed slide set for Rpi users, with a nice section comparing it with other low-cost boards, and featuring detailed tutorials. Poste on Slideshare only a few days […]

  3. 12 Reasons to program for RISC OS

        risc os

    Another neat video gleaned from youtube: [youtube /youtube]   Related articles Guide to Risc Os on Raspberry Pi

  4. Kinograph almost here

        raspberry pi

    Although there has been a small delay in the release of Kinograph’s plans and code to the site, Kinograph inventor Matthew Epler has been working hard on nights and weekends to make it happen […]

  5. Raspberry (Ripple) Pi

        raspberry pi

    If you watched the last episode of Channel 5’s The Gadget Show you would have seen the Krazy Guys there making raspberry ripple ice cream using a Raspberry Pi. Watch it here:   […]

  6. Raspberry Pi home controller

        raspberry pi

    reported from by Mike Szczys “We’re beginning to see a lot of momentum building for using Raspberry Pi boards as the basis of your home automation. This latest offering from Iain Hamilton combines lighting […]

  7. GAG club meeting 2013 on Saturday 17th August

        risc os

    This year’s GAG club meeting takes place on Saturday 17th August 2013 and will be held at Siek, northeast of Hamburg. Please indicate your interest by filling in this form.

  8. Computer Active features Raspberry Pi

        raspberry pi

    The latest edition of Computer Active (July 2013) features the Raspberry PI. Stories include: using the RPi to watch BBC iplayer how to turn RPi into an internet radio player how to print […]

  9. Why Raspberry Pi can be as vital to the UK as the Spectrum or BBC Micro – TechRadar UK

        raspberry pi

    TechRadar UK: The Raspberry Pi is partially Braben’s answer to this, although he believes that there are social changes needed; not least the need to persuade talented young program … Read the full […]

  10. How to use GPIOs on raspberry pi

        raspberry pi

    Here’s a slide presentation by Kris Findlay, from Dundee, who gives an overview of the Raspberry Pi and some neat ideas for using the GPIO pins, including quick2wire , a Python api, and his own demo routine.