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Archive: Jun 2013

  1. Silicon Dreams Festival, 5-7 June

        raspberry pi risc os

    It is now just a week until the Silicon Dreams Festival opens. Venue: Snibston Discovery Park, Coalville, Leicestershire Dates: Friday 5th – Sunday 7th July 2013 The Silicon Dreams festival celebrates the silicon […]

  2. World’s first ARM-based open source platform with 2GB DDR3 memory

        raspberry pi

    SolidRun Ltd has officially announced a new model CuBox. The popular, open source miniature computer platform now packs twice the memory into a sleek, slim package. Still just a mere 2 inches cubed […]

  3. APDL to distribute Risc Os 6 after website revamp

        risc os

    David Holden’s APDL will taking over the distribution of Risc Os 4 and 6 products from following the current revamp of the website. He told a newsgroup discussion that the eventual aim was […]

  4. Google Reader closing down

        hints & tips

    Google is closing Google Reader down at the end of June. IT specialist John Stuttle gives some pointers . If you use Google Reader to subscribe to and read RSS feeds you need to take […]

  5. VisualPi Microsoft .NET Component for Rasberry Pi

        raspberry pi

    VisualPi is a Drag and Drop .NET Control for Raspberry Pi, with GPIO and Media functions. VisualPi Features Control Raspberry Pi over your home network with Visual Studio. The VisualPi form control provides real time feedback […]

  6. Web browsing: Using Netsurf for tax returns

        hints & tips risc os

    In response to a newsgroup query about using a Risc Os browser to complete an online tax return, Chris Newman responded: “I did my last return on the PC as Netsurf didn’t have […]

  7. Printing: Restoring lost network links for Uniprint

        hints & tips risc os

    Given that printer companies don’t write drivers directly for Risc Os (MW Software’s Gutenprint for Risc Os ports them from Linux), R-Comp’s Uniprint is often the best choice from printing from your Risc […]

  8. Web browsing: Netsurf 3 and Facebook

        hints & tips risc os

    A recent query on the newsgroups asked about accessing Facebook on Risc Os. Two replies could help anyone trying to do this with the latest version of the NetSurf browser. Theo Markettos replied: […]

  9. OpenWRT for Raspberry PI

        raspberry pi

    An anonymous author on google sites has worked out a hack to run OpenWRT on a Raspberry PI. He/she noticed that it’s not yet suitable for production environment. For example: SD Card failures: suddenly […]

  10. Guide to Risc Os on Raspberry Pi

        raspberry pi risc os

    Chris Hall was first off the blocks with a short guide on how to get started with Risc Os on Raspberry Pi back in September 201, which had grown to 15 pages by October. It […]