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  1. Organizer 2.20 launches at Wakefield with a network solution

        organizer for risc os Wakefield 2013

    A new version of Organizer 2, the personal information manager for all RISC OS systems, is being launched at Wakefield 2013. Among a number of improvements is a new feature which will allow […]

  2. No-wheel three-button optical mouse

        risc os

    Some RISC OS users find having to press the scroll wheel down to get Menu less than ideal, says Risc Os supplier CJE Micros. And after searching for an optical three-button mouse without […]

  3. Wakefield 2013 RISC OS Computer Show 20 April

        risc os Wakefield 2013

    One of the big events in the Risc Os calendar takes place on Saturday 20 April. The Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club will be holding its 18th annual show at: The Cedar Court Hotel […]

  4. RISC OS 6 acquired by 3QD Developments

        risc os

    In a significant change for the Risc Os platform, the rights to all versions of the operating systems developed and marketed by RISCOS Ltd have been purchased by 3QD Developments Ltd. 3QD produces […]

  5. Raspberry Pi on Facebook

        raspberry pi

    Those of you drawn to the ‘with it’ modern data processing programme that is Facebook can indulge yourself with more Pi than you can digest in one sitting. The sites include: Official Raspberry […]

  6. PackMan at London user group 15 April

        raspberry pi risc os

    Rougol, the London Risc Os user group, is discussing the hot topic of package management at its meeting on Monday 15 April. The Linux-style of delivering programs automatically to users and keeping all […]

  7. Pi in the sky

        raspberry pi

    On Saturday the 13th of April there will be three launches from the Cambridge area under meteorological balloons. Two of these (PIE5 and AVA) are configured to ascend to a certain altitude (>100,000 […]

  8. Dutch Risc Os Show set for 25 May

        risc os

    Dutch Risc Os users are celebrating 30 years of the Ben Ben Club, the user group which organises the annual Dutch show. To celebrate, it is planning to hand out dozens of Risc […]

  9. Rasberry Pi video player

        raspberry pi

    You open the box and a pile of stuff and cables stare sullenly back at you. Well, help is at hand. Software developer Robert Eklund has written a blow-by-blow account of how to get one […]

  10. Custom PC Issue 116 Features Raspberry Pi

        raspberry pi

    The latest issue is bursting with Raspberry Pi goodies, from reviews of the boards and software to overclocking and case-building guides. “This full computer on a PCB costs less than £20, making it […]